Hello! I'm Claire

I help transform women who are struggling to conceive & suffering from menstrual disorders into feeling confident and at peace with their body & their mind.

I use effective & natural methods to balance out your hormones & increase your chances of pregnancy.


3 Misconceptions & Mistakes Women Who Are Struggling to Conceive & Suffering From Menstrual Disorders Are Facing...

1. They focus on what else they could possibly DO (they have tried so much already!)... rather than focusing on growing their mindset and on which version of themselves they can BE in their journey. 

Your thoughts determine your behaviour.
Your behaviour determine your results.

2. They are not taking into account their cyclical nature... and don't adapt their movement based on where they are on their cycle in order to support their hormones & fertility.

3. They think their body is FAILING them... But how can they expect their body to carry life for them if they are hating their own body for not achieving their expectations?

Just to make it crystal clear...

We are taught since childhood that part of a woman's value comes from her fertility and femininity. So if you are suffering from fertility challenges or hormonal imbalance it's easy to feel that something is "wrong" with you. THIS IS NOT THE CASE !

I'm Here to Help You Use My 3 Essentials Ingredients to Get You a Fertile Mind & Body

Mindset Growth

Let’s reprogram your thinking in a way that benefits you greatly: get more resilient, positive, hopeful so that you can handle your fertility challenges with more peace and transform yourself as the fertile goddess that you already are!

Movement: Fertility Yoga

Honour your woman body with a practice that adapts to the four phases of your cycle: menstruation, follicular, ovulation and luteal. Stimulate your reproductive organs, stretch and strengthen your hips muscles, nourish your endocrine system to support your menstrual health & fertility.

Heart Opening

Spiritually and physically open the heart, leaving you with more love to give – and bigger capacity to receive it. Speak to yourself with kindness for your body to be kind with you. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the heart to uterus meridian needs to be open in order for conception to happen.

A practice that respects and supports women’s bodies and monthly rhythms.

Synching your yoga practice (postures, meditation, breathing) with your cycle simply makes the most sense when we know how much our hormones fluctuate through the month!

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