Hello! I'm Claire

I help women find balance in their mind & their body so that they can live a fulfilling life.

When women learn how to embrace their feminine side (surrender, flow, ying energy) in a world that has been dominated by masculine values (competition, control, yang energy), this is when not women but the entire world will experience real long-lasting positive changes, creation and transformation.

3 Misconceptions & Mistakes Unfulfilled Women Are Facing...

1. They focus on what else they could possibly DO, leaving them depleted and frustrated (they have tried so much already!)... rather than healing the root cause of their misalignment and imbalances. Without understanding the real reason that got them here, the same problems will keep coming back.

2. They have very little understanding of how their body works and need and don't adapt their movements based on where they are on their cycle in order to support their mind-body connection & their cyclical nature.

3. They swear by the "work hard, play hard" lifestyle. Living in a masculine dominated world that has led them to minimize their feminine needs - and gifts, creating energy imbalances and leaving women blocked in their creative process.

It's time...

... to experience creative flow so that we can express ourselves and find our place of contribution in the world!

The 3 Essentials Ingredients of The Aligned Changemaker

Inner Transformation

Real and long lasting transformation only comes after identifying, facing and healing the root of our misalignement. Experience balance, inner growth, confidence and power.

Movement: Her Yoga Practice

Honour your woman body with a practice that adapts to the four phases of your cycle: menstruation, follicular, ovulation and luteal. Experience feeling in-tune with your body so that you can best support your hormonal fluctuations.

Awakening to the Sacredness

Recognise the sacredness within you! Balance, clarify and purify your energy. Experience inner peace and a sense of one-ness with the Universe.

One pillar of my method is to practice movements that respects and supports women’s bodies and monthly rhythms.

Synching your yoga practice (postures, meditation, breathing) with your cycle simply makes the most sense when we know how much our hormones fluctuate through the month!

Discover Her Yoga Practice

A streaming platform with yoga classes that really respect women's bodies and wisdom!

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