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Get to know a bit more about me before we dive into what got me to where I am today...

I’m 32 years old, I’m French and I have been living in Asia for the last 7 years. I have 4 sisters, a family dog named Nina and I am married to an awesome Australian man that I met in Hong Kong (on a techno party!). My parents live in Aix-en-Provence, a beautiful town in the south of France, and I absolutely love going back home to spend some time with my family & friends (and eat a lof cheese and my mum’s lemon meringue pie).

For those of you who know Myers-Brigg personality test, I am an ENFP: I am an extrovert person, although I prefer to have a few solid friends than a large group of friend. I’m naturally enthusiastic and have always plenty of ideas. I love underground house & techno and I rarely say no to a little boogie (even if it’s just in the living room).

I am a very curious person: I am OBSESSED with reading books! In fact, in the last 2 years I have counted… and I have read about 100 non-fiction books: my favourite subjects are: women’s health, spirituality, feminism and… yoga of course.

Hong Kong skyline and its breath-taking view (I had to take a little selfie on that boat party to immortalize the moment!)

How it all started...

My menstrual wellness journey all started when I came off the pill. My knowledge of my own body was basic. I was completely unprepared for the avalanche of side effects to come, which wreaked havoc my entire life. My cycles were long and irregular, I experienced a LOT of mood swings, acne, heavy flow, period cramps… I could go on…

The rollercoaster of emotions impacted every aspect of my well-being, the relationship with myself and my loved ones.

So, I started searching for answers – and since then, I’ve become obsessed with menstrual health and fertility. I have always loved yoga and holistic approaches to healing, so I started studying women’s health. Soon enough, I started to experience positive effects on my menstrual health and fertility as I was implementing natural methods. I desperately wanted to understand more about my body and its capacity for healing – without chemicals.

How I founded Her Yoga Practice

Ever since I started practicing Yoga, I’ve always found it to be a nourishing and spiritual experience. However, I truly believe that women’s bodies and monthly rhythms should be part of the experience. My passion for women’s health, and my own experience with hormonal imbalance, prompted me to explore holistic solutions to rebalance my hormones – and I soon discovered the benefits of specific types of Yoga practice.

I was particularly fascinated by Lynn Jensen, who invented Fertility Yoga almost 20 years ago. I completed level one and two of the “Yoga for Fertility” teacher training, which is the only in-person Fertility Yoga training in the word, and attended her workshop called “Yoga for Healthy Hormones” in Seattle. Lynn has helped thousands of women with Fertility Yoga, and has trained me to do the same. Additionally, I have taken the teacher training course on Hormone Yoga Therapy for women by Brazilian Master, Dinah Rodriguez, who mainly focused on the symptoms of menopause and hormonal imbalances.

I Want to Experience Her Yoga Practice

How my students started to ask for MORE!

During each start of my yoga classes, I encourage my students to share with the group how they are feeling, if there is anything that is going on in their fertility journey that they wish to discuss with the other members.

As I naturally shared my knowledge around fertility & menstrual health, my students wanted some MORE: more support, more time to discuss in a small group, more information about how they can best support their body & their mind for optimal fertility... And this is how the group classes & coaching was born! 

I am incredibly grateful to my students for giving me the inspiration to start this project that is already helping change women's life!

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