Her Yoga Practice

Fertility Yoga & Healthy Hormones Yoga for Women helps you regulate your menstrual cycle, balance your hormones, and increase your chances of conception – allowing you to be more in tune and reconnect with your body and menstrual cycle.

You can check out the video below that I've done with Hong Kong China Daily!


Like nowhere else, I offer four types of classes that adapt to the four phases of your cycle so that we can best support your cycle for an optimal fertility & hormonal balance.

1. Menstrual Phase (Winter)

You will enjoy calming poses and focus on softening the lower abdomen, supporting the downward movement of energy and surrender to full relaxation.

2. Follicular Phase (Spring)

We will focus on stimulating your pelvic area, with poses that strengthen the hips & your pelvic floor muscles, practising twists that are great to detox. This promotes the production of follicles and high-quality eggs. This will also help with the development of a thick lining in your uterus.

3. Ovulation Phase (Summer)

It will be a very similar practice compared to the follicular phase - but more dynamic as the last days leading up to ovulation your oestrogen level is at his highest and this is when you get the most energy during your cycle.

4. Luteal Phase (Fall)

Time to slow down - let’s make space on your lower abdomen, release any tensions you may be holding on to, stretch your pelvic floor muscles and your hips gently.

Warning: this is NOT "just another yoga class".... 

This is a TRANSFORMATIONAL Experience 

Have you ever dream of a practice that helps regulate your hormones, thicken your uterus lining, reduce discomfort in your lower abodmen (cramps, bloating, constipation..), make you at peace with and even make you LOVE your female body? Look no further... YOU FOUND IT!

Is that you? 

One in eight couples struggles with fertility challenges; and most women suffer from hormonal imbalances & PMS at some point of their lives.

Her Yoga Practice method is about getting back in tune with your body, regardless of whether you’re trying to conceive or not.

My practice will allow you to remove yourself from the “fight or flight” reaction caused by stress that negatively impacts your fertility & hormonal balance, and instead activate the “relaxation response” while activating our sympathetic nervous system. This method created in the USA is recommended by many fertility clinics and healthcare practitioners.

I use Halta Yoga poses which are gentle, focusing on mindful, deep breathing into the lower abdomen to increase the flow of energy in the reproductive areas.

Start Practising Now & Get Results!